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Lead Theft and Damaged Roofs


Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the theft of lead flashing and lead valleys being stolen of the purpose of the scrap value of the lead, often causing £1000s of damage to properties and buildings across the country causing some businesses to close due to this,  Some of the recently effected building in our local town are the Rhiw shopping centre and card value on adare street, Even effecting local charity shops.

Lead Protection and Theft Provention  


At Bridgend Roofing we offer a range of lead protection and provention, using the latest unique DNA forensic to mark your property, supported by Crimestoppers. using DNA protection makes your property less likely to be targeted with over 90% of the UK police force using this method to prevent lead theft crimes.  We also coat lead work with and anti theft coating which is a none drying coating which when comes in contact stains and marks clothing which in turn makes it more difficult to remove lead,

Has your lead been stolen 

We offer supply and installation options for Lead alternatives. all products are non lead flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally installed. The products are only of value to the installer and have no re-sale value as scrap. therefore the problem of lead theft is removed.

All these products can be used in a variety of applications such as valley gutters, cover flashings, step flashings, rooflight flashings, conservatory flashings.  

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