Chimney Repairs and Chimney Removal

Chimney Repairs & Removals

At Bridgend Roofing we carry out repairs, chimney rebuilds and chimney stack removals, We understand that maintaining your chimney is important and can be a vulnerable area of your roof with the changes of temperature from heat and cooling cycles. Over time the brick work and mortar can become damged, Overtime even vegetation may even grow out of the chimney,

Chimney Refurbishment

In most cases chimeny stacks can be refurbished, Generally this involves, Removing top mortar bed, Remove all pointing from bricks or stone works, Replacing lead flashing around the chimney stack, Repoint the chimney, Rebedding the top pots and a coating the chimney stack with a waterproof seal to protect.

Chimney Removal

If a chimney stack has become unrepairable or not in use, The stack can then be removed, In most cases this means removing the chimney stack to below roof level, Installing a vent to the top.laying new breathable membrane and roofing over the void, this would the appear as if there was never chimney built. We are registered with Natural Resources Wales (CBDU13046) remove all waste from site.

Chimney Pots & Caps

We install a variety of chimney pots, Chimney closure caps, ventilated chimney caps, Caps suitable for coal, multifuel and log burners, all our chimney caps are high grade caps. Leaving chimney uncapped with the correct cap and cause bird and vermin problems and water ingress and loss of energy, In most cases the caps can be fitted within one hour.

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