Bridgends slate and tile roofing specialists

Whether your looking to replace one slate or build from scratch your new tile roof we are happy to assist you, on average 80% of homeowners do not have their roof annually Maintained, with shockingly 60% never even checked it what’s so ever.

We carry out annual and planned assessments for homeowners and businesses in south Wales, Well maintained roofs need little or no work in most cases, be sure to get yours checked out today.

We offer many pitched roof options from your basic Marley tiled roof, to more complex slate roof designs, At Bridgend Roofing we use Neutral welsh reclaimed slates, Brazilian and Spanish slates, We also install high grade man-made slates with various designs. All our new roof installation are totally mortar free and install with the latest dry fix products, leaving your roof with no possibly of cement failing ridge tiles or cement verges braking down.

We work with many companies in south Wales maintaining their roofs, all our work in guaranteed, we use product by the likes of Marley, Redland, Cembrit, Velux and many more, if you would like to get in touch with us to discuss your lasted project feel free to contact us we will be happy to assist you.


We use wide range of both natural and man-made slate. Our natural slates vary in origin, including Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Spanish and Welsh. We also use quality man-made slate, carrying the appearance of natural slate.


We use variety of roofing, from profiled, plain and flat tiles, with concrete and clay options, varying in size and colour.


• Repairing slate and tile roofs
• Full or part re-roofing
• Construction of new roofs
• Replacing missing slate or tiles
• New/replacement ridge tiling
• Slate cleaning/maintenance

Get in touch with us today to discuss any of your roofing matters and we will be happy to assist you. WHEREVER YOU ARE IN WALES, CALL US ON 01656 750214

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