Guttering soffit and fascias

At Bridgend Roofing we carry out repairs , servicing and replacement guttering sofit and fascia service, Having efficient rain water outlets is key to the performance of your roof, we have installed many new guttering and fascias with the latest few being in broadlands Bridgend and new soffit and fascias in Pencoed.

We only use Floplas and Freeform Products on all our new guttering installations, Floplas is the UK’s leading rainwater goods manufacturer with high grade product which are build to last an less likely to discolour over time,with many different colours, profiles and designs we have the perfect options available to you.

Convert your roof-line to motor free

If you felt near your guttering has failed in which most cases in roofs over 10 years old, we have the perfect product, Ridged roof-line support trays, these are installed where you tiles meet you guttering where felt has deteriorated, These can be installed without completely striping the lower and of your roof, saving time, labour and materials costs, for more info please contact us.

Did you know that you can install the new dry verge to eliminated cracking and damaged cement to your roof-line?! with many colours and designs from Black, Gray, white and more leaving your roof looking attractive and maintenance free in the future, you will find some of our recent works on this on our twitter page and in our gallery.


We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation estimate on every job. We’ll always send one of our highly qualified roofers to perform the work. We offer quality and extensive guarantees for all our work, You’ll get and unbeatable price, whichever part of Wales you’re in. We are able to offer you years of roofing industry knowledge Bridgend Roofing are a locally based, family run firm.


Whatever type of guttering service you’re looking for, we will carry it out with speed and skill. We will also inspect your soffits and fascias, making sure these are still in good condition and match the quality of your new guttering.

Call us today to speak to one of our highly skilled roofers and get a free estimate on all your guttering and gutter repairs.

Get in touch with us today to discuss any of your roofing matters and we will be happy to assist you. WHEREVER YOU ARE IN WALES, CALL US ON 01656 750214

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